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We have been so fortunate to have been able to contract the services of a woodcarver from Babatunde village in Nigeria, some 50 minutes away from Ile Ifé that in his capacity as a craftsman and Awo (Babalawo) is skilled enough to carve all 401 òrìsà and irúnmòle. It will naturally take some time to have this work done, and so we estimate approximately 8 weeks from order is made and until we are able to ship these handcrafted images of òrìsà and irúnmòle to you. We will naturally keep you updated on the process. We are however happy to inform that we are able to offer these handcrafted images for $450 + postage.

An image of this cost will be approximately half meter tall (+/- 7 cm). Our woodcrafter can do smaller images naturally – or larger – in this case please do write us at so we can provide estimates of cost and time of delivery. The same goes for orders of multiple images, we are in such cases able to work out discounts.

We will not list all the 401 òrìsà and irúnmòle, so please, upon ordering send us a mail about which òrìsà or irúnmòle you want carved or add the information in the commentary field of the transaction itself.   

In the picture we see Òrìsà Òsóòsi

Ère Òrìsà - Wood-carved orisa statues

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