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These charms are designed to attract benevolence and/or protection against àjé (witches) as well as a greater presence of àjé in ones life. These charms are made under the auspices of Òrúnmìlà and Ìyà Mí Òsòròngá using proper and correct odù and words of power to charge the secret contents by an Awo Ogboni and a Ìyà properly initiated into the cult of Ìyà Mí Òsòsròngá ensuring that the proper ásé has been encoded in the charm.

Ifá teaches that àjé brings riches as well as cataclysm and emotional stability as well as emotional terror, so these charms invite a keen sense of discernment. If you are in emotional turmoil, protections might be good, if wealth is lingering maybe an invitation is in place.  If you are in doubt of attracting or protecting is better, please feel free to speak with us about which choice might be the wiser one at

These charms come with a medicine that needs to be applied to the body prior to wearing the charm. The details of the procedure will be provided in the instructions that follow these charms as vesting these powers, it be for benevolence, protection or attraction is an act of magic in itself.

We offer these unique and powerful charms with the following three directions:

Ìmú Ìyàmi for attracting benevolence

Ìmú Ìyàmi for attracting protection

Ìmú Ìyàmi for attracting the presence of àjé (witches)    

Ìmú Ìyàmi

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