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We are most happy to present the 1st symposium of Brazilian Magic and Spirituality, an event that will be both theoretical and practical. The underlying proposition of the symposium is how this rich spiritual legacy can inform practice, both private and in group and aid in creating healthy communities and a “living practice”.


The event will be bilingual, either through presenters speaking in English or in the case of lectures being presented in Portuguese a translator will be present.


The event will be held at a compound in Extrema, Minas Gerais, Brazil, Monastério de São Uriel. This place is located approx. 100 km away from Guarulhos airport (GRU) in São Paulo and Uber to the compound will cost you around R$350/$75.


The Monastério de São Uriel offer comfortable lodging in a two-story dorm complex. Bedclothes and towels will be provided, so it is only necessary to bring the usual items for travel, like soap, toothbrush and so forth.


There will be three meals a day, which given the ayahuasca ceremony will be vegetarian the first two days, as meat, fat, chocolate and cheese can affect the ceremony negatively by creating bodily discomfort. On Sunday both meat and vegetables will be offered.


For participation in the Ayahuasca ceremony you will be asked to sign a document assuring us that you are aware of the implications of taking a DMT substance. Also, we ask that you inform us if there are any pathologies and diagnostics you have that we should be aware of, as well as any special needs, allergies etc. More information in the section that goes into details about the Ayahuasca Ceremony.


The cost for the symposium is $2200 for all three days, which includes food and lodging.


Single day with food and lodging has the cost of $850



Lastly, on Sunday morning we will offer Umbanda Baptism for whom want. The baptism itself is free, but we ask in this case a contribution of $200 to cover material and expenses related to the ceremony.


In case of no-show there will be no refund of the fee, if the event will not go ahead due to a failure on our side you will be refunded.


For full details, please do write us at

1st Symposium of Brazilian Magic & Spirituality

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