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Our Esu heads are properly and completely loaded and charged by an Awo Ogboni and come with instructions for use along with the necessary oriki or prayers. These heads are customarily placed close to the front door to serve as a guardian of the domicile, house, or place he is given to defend. 


There is no commitment involved in purchasing an Esu head per se. beyond the effects of dwindling power should he be neglected.


We have the knowledge to make a very wide range of Esus, but we have decided to offer seven different qualities related to the seven more popular orisas, which are:


Obatala (the spirit of whiteness and dreams)

Yemoja (the mother of intuition, waters and clairvoyance)

Osun (the mother of sweetness, cold waters and abundance)

Ogun (the first hunter, blacksmith and wielder of the machete)

Osoosi (the spirit of the hunter and the hunt)

Sango (the spirit of fire, kingship and fierce protection)

Oya (the spirit of the mothers, the marketplace and enclosures. 


The heads measure around 20 cm. and are on the heavy side, depending on the load, they can be up to 2 kilos in weight.


Please note that it will take some time to properly prepare the ehad, so allowe us 21 days to finalize the head. 


Esu Head

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