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These are magical soaps made from black soap infused with secret powders and enchantments. All soaps are made and charged by an Awo Ogboni and will be made in relation to the need of the client.

Herbs, enchantments and prayers utilized in the presence of spirit and òrìsá to generate medicine and magic is a common trait in Ifá and one of these magical medicines is osé éró. This medicine composed from powders from the vegetal, animal and mineral kingdom combined into a specific ray of power through natural harmonies, songs, prayers and enchantments and bound together in order to bring forth a specific direction and quality. This medicine takes the form of a black soap that is used to clean the entire body while the mind stays in a contemplative and receptive state, focusing on the intent of the use of the medicine.

We offer sixteen varieties of this medicine, each directly linked with one of the primordial sixteen odùs of Ifá.   This one is Ìká Méjì wich is a medicine against hexing and gossip. It removes most malefica directed against the one who is using the medicine and comes with a restriction of not cursing nor indulging in gossip while the medicine is used for its purging qualities to penetrate as deep as possible.

Osé Èrò - Ìká Méjì - Against Hexing and Gossip

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