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Patuá is a tupi word (patauá) meaning ‘bag of leather or cloth we tie to our chest’ as a reference to the bag the hunters were using to gather what they found in the woods it be food, bone, earth, feathers, meat or treasures. It also held the meaning of being an ‘amulet’.

patuá is what Quimbandeiros  often refer to as ‘a gathering of life’, which is the vernacular meaning for what a patuá is, and so a patuá is a gathering of things found to serve a purpose, usually composed of parts mineral, animal and vegetal, that gives a new life and direction.

For the tupi-speaking hunters it was apparently about the sum of what was found, but it was also the methodology that made it possible to carefully assemble  elements in order to give it a direction, a force of its own.

We are offering Quimbanda patuás both with a specific direction and directed to capture the virtue of a particular Exu or Pomba Gira. We have decided to make these patuás in relation to Exu and Pomba Gira as rulers of given kingdoms and a few with a specific direction. If you want more specific patuás, please write us and we can accommodate, but please keep in mind that a patuá for a specific Exu or Pomba Gira can at times also invite in a presence that do its work for good and for ill, so measure well and speak with us before you make your choice so we can arrive at the best solution for you. The options listed below are patuás we have found to give benefit and have no issue making for whomever see to attract these potencies to their lives. Any questions or special request, please do write us at:

Exu (a generic patuá composed of elements from all nine kingdoms to invite in a dynamic presence of Exu)

Exu Tranca Ruas (for opening roads and be able to make the better choice)

Exu Omolu (for connecting with ancestry and the realm of ancestors)

Pomba Gira (a generic patuá composed of elements from all nine kingdoms to invite in a dynamic presence of Pomba Gira)

Pomba Gira das Praias (for understanding and healing of the emotional realm of being)

Pomba Gira Maria Padilha (for attraction of love and the erotic)

Zé Pelintra (for gaining a gambling hand and the upper hand in business dealings)

Quimbanda Patuá

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