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We are now offering our Ifá medicine, made from black soap infused with secret powders and enchantments for a reduced price.

All of these magical soaps are made and charged by an Awo Ogboni and will be made in relation to the need of the client.Herbs, enchantments and prayers utilized in the presence of spirit and òrìsà to generate medicine and magic is a common trait in Ifá and one of these magical medicines is osé èrò. This medicine composed from powders from the vegetal, animal and mineral kingdom combined into a specific ray of power through natural harmonies, songs, prayers and enchantments and bound together in order to bring forth a specific direction and quality. This medicine takes the form of a black soap that is used to clean the entire body while the mind stays in a contemplative and receptive state, focusing on the intent of the use of the medicine.

We offer sixteen varieties of this medicine, each directly linked with one of the primordial sixteen odùs of Ifá and in this combo of three osé èrò you can choose three of the same or three different ones from the list below:   


Èjì Ogbè is used for the purpose of attracting peace and tranquility and will have a balancing effect on the soul and mind. It is a good medicine to use when we are in need of peace of mind to make the best possible decisions.  

Òyèkú Méjì is used to avert danger and death, but is also well used to facilitate understanding of any kind of transitions in life, it be concerning work, moving or relationships. This medicine holds strong purifying effects on body, soul and mind

Ìwòrì Méjì is a medicine of fire and inspiration and can be used when inspiration and initiative is lacking. This medicine is of a transformative nature and energizes the soul.

Òdí Méjì is used both to generate fertility and also stability. It is a medicine that makes a restless heart calm and a womb desiring children to become more fertile and receptive.

Ìrosùn Méjì is a medicine that facilitates the attraction of wealth and prosperity into our lives. It is important when we are using this medicine that we avoid boasting about our success and give attention to the opportunities appearing.

Òwónrín Méjì is our remedy against chaos and upheaval and is used to bring about great understanding in turbulent phases of life and enables the user of the medicine to take advantage of situations that are experienced as very complicated.

Òbárá Méjì is a medicine used by those who seek to achieve position in society or at work. It is a medicine that will stimulate the strength of will and make this strength visible for others. 

Òkànrán Méjì is a medicine used to correct the consequence of errors of judgmentand is as such a medicine that st