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Sacred Alchemy Store...

Sacred Alchemy store has been created to offer services and products for the mind, soul and body. Our line of products consist of several magically charged items, like talismans, effigies and various charms. Currently the store have a distinctly African and sorcerous weight to it and is dominated by products used by practitioners of Ifá-Orisa faiths and religions and Quimbanda power objects.

We also offer a variety of services, such as divination, various types of astrological analysis, life coaching as well as spiritual coaching and we do occasionally accept to perform magical workings. Such requests are always subject to a divination first to see if we can or if trusted practitioners we are in contact with are able to perform the desired work.  

Feel free to enter into contact with us concerning requests not found in our current catalog and any questions you might have. We aim towards being helpful and of service, so please do write us at:  

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