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We are offering this handmade Quimbanda Reliquary containing devotional objects that will immediately bring force and presence to your firmeza.  


The reliquary contains:


1 washed and consecrated statue of Pomba Gira Dama da Noite

1 vial of dirt from the seven kingdoms, properly bought and charged

1 bundle of devotional candles in red and black

1 sensual attraction oil of Pomba Gira Dama da Noite

1 guia for Pomba Gira dama da Noite

1 bottle of Tiquira, a prized distillate that in the process turns deadly poison into a smooth purple fluid loved by Exus of cemetery, woods, lyre and crossroad as well as many practitioners of Quimbanda especially in the Northern regions of Brazil.  


Please note this is a unique piece and we are offering solely this one Reliquary

A Quimbanda Reliquary – Unique piece

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