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We have now a few Akose Egbe Orun available, and hopefully, it will be a permanent feature in our store. Akose is like Awure, a protective charm or amulet, this one made to harvest the ase and influence of Egbe Orun for the sake of prosperity, happiness and abundance of good fortune (in particularly money and relationships). Egbe Orun is the mysterious community of peers of us in the invisible realm that oversees our life and bring blessings and good fortune to us. 


The akose can be carried in all possible circumstances, yet we advise not to sleep with it or that it is exposed to water, i.e. showering and swimming, not because it will lose power, but because it can get destroyed due to rot of the organic materials it is made from. 


We will also have at regular intervals Akose Esu, Akose Iya Mi Osoronga and Akose Egungun availability, so please do enter into contact to see availability and price.

Akose Egbe Orun/Amulet for Egbe

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