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Traditional or Classical Astrology is a spiritual science that study the relationship between events on earth and how the correspond with event amongst the stars and planets. Contrary to modern astrology which focuses on providing a psychological profile of the native, classical astrology focuses on all aspects of the natives’ life, such as possessions, partnerships, work, career and so forth to present a full road map of soul and life, challenges and strengths in the various aspects and phases of life.

We offer four types of astrological services:

Full Natal Analysis.  This chart will provide you with a detailed account of all aspects of your life and is for many a revelatory experience. You need to submit your date, time and place of birth and as we like to take our time with these analyses, so in general you will have your chart within two weeks time.  

Compatibility Analysis is the comparison of two natal charts to determine the compatibility between two persons. This analysis can be useful both for romantic partners as well as business partners. 

Astrological Snapshot. This is a house based astrological analysis of the native’s soul and life which will give the native a precise image of its strengths and weaknesses. The analysis is a form of ‘life diagnostic’ that gives an assessment of the temperaments and direction of each of the twelve houses as they are reflected in the life of the native. The analysis will give equal attention to all houses, but will come with suggestions n how to fortify weak elements and how to make stronger what is already strong with a emphasize on what factors in the natives life will be most fortunate to pursue. In this way this analysis will provide a compass for the native and thus it is an excellent tool for orienting oneself in life.  

Astrological Profiling. This service is aimed towards you who want to know who you are dealing with, it be a partner in crime, a judge, a future employee, lover or partner, friend or foe you want to understand a bit better. It is about addressing the prime nature of the person in question and from this assess discrepancy, compatibility and resonance. You might want to procure this service when you are in doubt of your future mate, if the culprit is guilty or not or most of all when you seek to place the right person in the right position in your company. We will need  to know the gender, place, date and time of birth of the person in question to effectuate this service.  

Astrological Chart - Compatibility Analysis

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