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Legends impart that the sorcerous saint, St. Cyprian, had the spirit hiding behind Exu Meia Noite as his tutor or Tata in his arts. Exu Meia Noite being an Exu with one foot in the Church and the other in Hell represent a similar dichotomy as we find in the myths surrounding St. Cyprian. We have prepared a statue of Exu Meia Noite and one of St. Cyprian that we offer together along with a rosary for St. Cyprian and a simple guia for Exu Meia Noite, both washed and prepared in proper ways. These are offered along with a vial of St. Cyprian oil (50 ml) that have been subject for a novena and a rich amount of prima material to make the root of the oil.

This handsome couple is a unique offer, naturally we can make more, but at least four weeks need to be calculated to bring these twin forces into being as care and attention to this mystery is important in its development.  

Devil & Saint

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