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We offer a wide range of charged plaster statues of Exu and Pomba Gira. Each statue is washed in the proper amací (herbal infusion), a charge is placed inside the statue which then is being activated with offerings and pontos over the course of three days. Hence you are not purchasing a plaster statue or a piece of decoration, but an animated effigy that has been subject for rituals and procedures to make it come alive with the spirit intended.

Please allow some time for us to effectuate the purchase of the statue and the necessary care in arranging for the rituals necessary, hence allow roughly 21 days from order to shipment. We will ship statues registered with tracking number and insurance and you will be informed about these details when the product is on its way.  

 Please note that we recommend having a consult done on beforehand to determine which Exus and Pomba Giras are most suitable for you, so ideally this step is taken before a statue is purchased.  The size of the statues are approximately 25 cm +/- 5.


Exu Quebra Galho

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