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Chief Adewuyi have with the books Ifá: The Book of Wisdom presented a cohesive presentation of the divinatory art of Ifá, detailing the use of opele, obi, ikins and other paraphernalia vital to the practice of Ifá.


In his books Òrúnmìlà I and II he explores in greater detail the themes in Ifá: The Book of Wisdom with a greater focus on Òrúnmìla himself, his praise names, orikis, orins and his relationship to all other deities.

Obàtálá is a monograph detailing the mysteries, taboos, orikis, orins and initiations of this most important deity.


All books include WW postage.


Òrúnmìlà Book 1


Òrúnmìlà Book 2


Ifá: The Book of Wisdom


Obàtálá: The Greatest and Oldest Deity

Ifá Books

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