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Ifá is a spiritual philosophy that influenced the Orisa Cults of the world, it be Santeria, Lukumi, Sango cult or Candomblé. 


Ifá invests much importance of the balance between body, heart and mind and how we can turn misfortune to fortune and turn negativity into positivity.


As such Ifá is a practical philosophy that aims toward providing solutions that can awaken into realization our experience of joy, happiness and fulfilment. Hence the Ifá consult is a problem solving tool.


In order to effectuate the reading long distance you need to provide us with the following information:


Your complete name of birth

Your date of birth

A recent photo


The names of your parents and the names of your parent’s parents would be helpful, but not mandatory.


Readings along with the report is usually completed withing 48 hours, save for weekends naturally, which might delay the reading until the upcoming Monday. 

Ifá Consult

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