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The geomantic oracle known as Ifá is one of the most precise and solution oriented oracles known to man. By identifying patterns of energy moving your current situation it is possible to find presidency in the past and within the fundamental energetic building blocks of creation clarifications, answers and solutions to whatever situation. Ifá is predicting the future by analysing the past and the energetic matrix that lies to the root of a given situation and from this can predict the future.


Ifá can be thrown with obi (kolanut), opele (the divination chain) or with ikin (palm-nuts), the latter being the most complex and time demanding form of predictive work where the manipulation of the ikin leads to the binary signs of odu revealing cause and solution. It is this form of divination we are using when doing predictive work of this calibre. Ifá is an amazing diagnostic tool, but it can also be used to gain insight into patterns moving us into the future, hence we are now offering forecasts, which would be similar to what is often called ‘life-path readings’, but limited to a time period of 9 to 12 months.


This service is excellent for those who seek to have an idea of the energetic patterns and spiritual forces that are moving one’s life into a given direction. The reading comes with a precise and helpful report as well as solutions ranging from internal changes to external workings.


This service can also be used for those seeking to ‘mark their head’ for orisa initiations.


We will need a recent picture of your, your full name of birth and if your name is different now, your current name as well as your date of birth and the name of your mother. This information can be sent directly to us at:


Expect up to 72 hours to have your report with you, save weekends, when we usually have magical workings and mediumistic sessions to attend to, hence readings are usually done during the weekdays.

Ifá forecast – dafá ikin

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