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Chief Adewuyi has as of now completed the writing of 256 books discussing in detail each of the 256 odus in the corpus of Ifá.  In these books, you will find a collection of verses, taboos, meanings, sacrifices, and metaphysical dimensions in each of the odus. These books are an indispensable source of knowledge of Ifá for students and practitioners alike.  These books were created to spread the light of Ifá in the world – and also the revenues of these books will in its entirely go towards Chief Adewuyi and the people of Babatunde village in Nigeria, hence as a self-publishing project the cost of these books is higher than usual.


Èjìogbè speaks of the first emanations of light that emanated from Olodumare.


Òyèkú Méjì speaks of the emanations of darkness in the world


Ìwòrì Méjì speaks of the emanations and forces in the world that makes us see things in their true form.


Òdí Méjì speaks about the importance of character and stability in the world


Ìròsùn Méjì speaks about the imp0rotance of female vibrations in the world as means for victory and a good life


Òwónrín Méjì speaks about the mysterious dimensions that leads to fulfilment in our life through the practice of courage and connection with divinity


Òbàrà Méjì speaks about how every situation attracts its solution and how we can expel negativity form our lives.



All books include WW postage.



Odu Ifá Corpus

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