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Quimbanda is an Afro derived Brazilian cult that developed in synthesis with a great amount of influences. Quimbanda is indigenous to Brazil, but if we look at the synthetic history of Quimbanda we see that Quimbanda speak about a common human heritage venerating our daimons and guardian spirits. The consults are done at the Quimbanda temple, Cabula Mavambo Ngobodi Nzila in Brazil that in addition to this service also offers a wide range of workings for various ends. You can enter into contact through the store email should this be something of interest. 

Please note that these consults aim primarily at a discovery of what kind of spirits that walks with you and it is from this knowledge a greater clarity and understanding of Self and path is derived. Any message, counsel or advice spirit gives will be conveyed to the one who order this service, sometimes this can be quit lengthy, other times spirit can be short and to the point. Since we are dealing with a living tradition such are the ways and it is not possible to predict the outcome of a session. We also want to highlight that the consult also involves feeding spirit in your name, as well as your ancestors, an act that potentially provides instant proximity with spirit in the very same night the consult is done.   

The more information you provide the more precise the consults tend to be, at at a minimum we need your full name (name of birth as well as legal name if they deviate) and date of birth. A recent picture of yourself as well as your handwritten signature in the moment you have your intent clear in your mind is also helpful. Lastly, if possible to provide us with the names of your parents, grandparents and great grandparents on both side it would be appreciated as we find attention to ancestry to invite in a most helpful force. We are aware that not everybody know the names of their ancestors and some d o not want their ancestry honored, we respect that, so it is up to you how much you will give us to work with. The information will then be sent to

NB! Please note that we are commonly making sessions on Fridays, and frequently we do have a cue of petitions, hence it take take up to 3 weeks in some cases until we manage to have the consult accomplished. If we see that it will take time to have your consult done, we will inform you, if not you can expect session to be done the upcoming Friday nearest to when you placed your order and a report to arrive the following Tuesday. Also, it should be mentioned that Our consults are done with spirit in possession, i.e. it is a mediumistic consult done in the Casa de Exu when spirit is fed and summoned, sung for and called upon in your name, for more information, please read the following article:  

Quimbanda Consult

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