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Given the problems involved with life force offerings in many places in the world, we have decided to offer to make sacrifices and despacho on behalf of those who need or want to have this done but are unable to do so for various reasons.


We will offer on behalf of you candles, tobacco, alcoholic beverages, padé etc., and birds to the Exu and Pomba Gira of your choosing.


As Quimbanda is a living cult the presence of all things ‘fiery’, 'menga' included, is important to maintain the spirits high and effective. These more elaborate feeding of spirit can also be done in relation to workings and petition you are doing yourself in order to give a greater boost to your desire and workings.  


We will feed your Exu and Pomba Gira on your behalf and if Exu or Pomba Gira has messages to deliver to you, they will be given along with a photo of the despacho/feeding.


In order to execute this, we will need your full name, your handwritten signature, and a recent photo of yourself.


Please note that this service is for the service of feeding one Exu or Pomba Gira. If you want to have others fed and tended to, it is just to add one or two more of this service to your cart. 


Please note that due to constant cues for this service, it can take up to 28 days until we will manage to fulfill this service. 

Quimbanda Despacho (Sacrifice/Feeding)

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