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We are now offering a selection of Quimbanda workings which we have tested out and found to be effective. There are other workings that can be done, but we are not doing love-bindings, nor are we accepting to make malefica and/or death workings, because there is always another solution in such cases, so if this is your case, feel free to write us in confidence to to see if alternative solutions can be discovered. Hence it is vital to first make a spiritual investigation.


For any of the workings you will be asked to supply us with information, such as names, photos and other relevant information that ensures the workings accuracy. You will be told the exact time for the working and it is advised that a candle is lit and focus on the work maintained for the duration of one hour as this will help the work to be even more efficient.


A photo of the working will be sent to you upon conclusion of the work along with impressions and divinations done in the aftermath of the working. We take client privacy very serious, and offer complete confidentiality in the execution of a working.


We are also paying attention to good astrological moments for given workings and using prime quality materials, which means a working can take up to four weeks from order to effectuation, although commonly within two weeks seem to be more the rule.


We are also aware that some might have reservation with the use of life-force offerings, so if this is your case, let us know and we shall avoid it.


Prior to deciding for having a working done in your name consider the following:


Magic is to work with energies and it is energies that are manipulated, sometimes a situation is more difficult than another and the effects can be more subtle than what one hopes for. In case of a working to find job or love, the same principle applies, we are bringing given energies to a high frequency and it is important to use this energy actively, for instance in a working to find a job, it does involve to actively searching for an occupation, to place yourself in the energy to maximize the frequency so to speak.

Magic, like surgery or a court-proceeding, have a margin of error, hence 100% guarantee of desired outcome cannot be guaranteed, but that magic is in effect can  absolutely be guaranteed.


Also, worthy to consider is the amount of blockages and resistance on behalf of the client. Doubt, negativity, self-sabotage and similar are examples of elements that tend to lessen the effect of a working as the magical energy is not finding sufficient resonance to spread out in the intended way.


Amongst the many workings we offer are:


Work to open opportunities

Work to find a job

Work to achieve a goal

Work to close a deal (business)

Work to close up intrigues

Work to end obstacles

Work to annihilate the effects of negative magic

Work to bring union to a couple

Work to attract luck

Work to bring stability to one’s home and family

Work to attract money

Work to attract love

Work to attract prosperity

Work to end with envy and bad tongues

Work to bring fire and passion to a relationship


Prior to accepting a working it is important to make a spiritual investigation, we will need from you in this case a mail giving us the mail outline of the situation in as objective presentation as possible, in addition, your full name, a recent photo and if possible place, date and time of birth that can be sent to:


The spiritual investigation has the cost of $150 and will be deducted from the total cost of the working.

Spiritual Investigation (Quimbanda workings)

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