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We are offering the casting of runes, a well-known oracle for predicting the past in light of the present and past. We are using the runes in what would be considered a traditional way, meaning, we are resorting to a secret format that is summoning the Norns to reveal a nine fold grid, three runes to each Norn that shape the past, present and future with a focus on Fate, debt and defining the issues at root of a situation with the emphasize on the present.

The message of the Norns will be typed up, direct, laconic and helpful in all possible ways in conformity with the Old Nordic model that combine directness  with necessary riddles.

This service is aiming towards giving and crude and true diagnostic of a given situation and will necessary point out options and choices emerging within the grid of nine.


Rune casting can be used to gain insight into particular issues of one’s life or to address one’s life in general.


We will need a recent photo of you, your full name, and your date of birth and place (city) of residence to effectuate the service. This information can be sent directly to us at:


A report will be sent to you within 72 hours, save weekends, when we usually have magical workings and mediumistic sessions to attend to, hence readings are done during the weekdays.

Rune Casting

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