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Quimbanda saints is a polemic topic, some insist that they don’t exits, that there is nearly a ‘black magic heresy’ to introduce them or use them in Quimbanda, that the Exus and Pomba Giras are enough. And that is true enough, because the few saints some streams of Quimbanda are using are mere masks for mysterious forms of Exu. Two examples are São Cipriano who was viewed as the saintly Chief of the African line of Umbanda from the 1920’s, another example is St. Anthony that Quimbandeiros in Belém do Pará used as a mask for Ogum in the guise as a patron and benefactor for the Exus.


São Miguel is another saint used in some lineages and temples, then as a mask for the Maioral and/or Exu Rei. His form is then reinterpreted as a spirit mask that is not exorcising spirits, but as a purifier and dominator of everything that finds its power in shadows and darkness, himself being seen as a snake of laurel and iron that protects and bring harmony to the kingdoms of Quimbanda.


Hence we are offering São Miguel Quimbandeiro with his specially prepared trident to serve as a force that brings inspiration, harmony and a greater agility in the ocean of spirits. In cases where the spirits have become too untamed or that spirit interaction is difficult or lead to confusion or in cases of restless kiumbas taking hold of home and person introducing São Miguel Quimbandeiro might be a remedy for the situation.

São Miguel Quimbandeiro

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