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There is a formula for manufacturing a magical ink in Quimbanda de Nagô, most likely a remnant from the Malê or Muslim legacy related to spirits like Exu Marabô and Exu Malê. This ink is made on a Friday night with the aid of Exu Pemba, Pemba being the magical chalk used to draw up pontos and signs.

The ink is made by steeping the ashes of Exu Pemba’s ponto – and ashes from tobacco offered to him - in a virgin cup placed on a red cloth where his ponto is marked and offer here one pigeon and two quails. To the blood and ashes must be added snake, either in the form of ashes or its oil. This ‘sorcerous salt’ is then added to ink used for writing down wishes, always on red or white cotton cloth that is stored in a jar, either of brass or terracotta. The jar must on beforehand be washed in cachaça and being passed through fire. The wishes will be in the pot for seven days, ensuring that candles are burnt every day and the wishes repeated every day. On the seventh day the wishes are burnt and the ashes stay in the jar. When the wish is fulfilled a dove is given to the vessel and communion with Exu is performed together with whiskey and/or red wine and tobacco.

This ink made according to formula is now available for purchase - for the time being as a single offer - a proper quill comes with the 40 ml potent ink ready to use.

Sorcerous Quimbanda Ink

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