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Spiritual hygiene, to keep ones spirit high and to ensure a dynamic flux and flow in one’s life is essential not only to make magic happen, but also to ensure that life attracts luck, love and opportunities of growth and abundance.


A regular regime consisting of purification of body, the physical ambient and one’s soul- composite lies at the foundation for a successful life, magical as well as mundane.


We have in this regard developed a kit focusing on both spiritual self-defense and spiritual clean-up consisting of at least:


2 herbal baths to be used on the body

1 herbal house washes to clean up ones environment

2 Ifá medicines in the form of African black soap for using on the body

1 Shea butter for anointing the head


As always, the more you inform us about your situation and what needs you have the more we can tailor with perfection these powerful aids to meet your needs.


All of these products have gone through a process of infusing them with living virtue, all prepared using the sacred spiritual technology of Ifá focusing on the importance of Orí, or the spirit of consciousness for the sake of enabling a total clean-up of soul, body and environment naturally bringing strong spiritual defense.


The kit comes with instructions for use and is made in accordance with your needs; hence it can take up to 16 days to have the kit completed as each will be unique to each and every one.


N.B. Please be sure that there will be no problems importing liquids or incense to your country prior to ordering this product and if so, please get in touch wiht us to discuss options and alternatives. 

Spiritual defense and spiritual clean-up kit

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