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We are now offering works for sweetening people. The motivation for doing this can be varied, ranging from creating a docile and harmonious field between you and someone you seek to know better. It can be done in order to calm down someone who is in turmoil and distress as it can be done for making some person holding your Fate in their hand to become more kindly disposed towards you.


We perform these sweetening works either through the intervention of Pomba Gira or more commonly we resort to the technology of Umbanda and work within the wonderful realm of caboclas in the realm or Oxum.


The working is not a one-time working, but a sequence of smaller workings over the course of a week that leads to the construction of what we can call the ‘sweetening jar’, borrowing a familiar concept from folk magic. We also like to time this service astrologically when possible. 


We will in this case need the full name of the person and a recent photo as well as the geographical location of the person. Please feel free to enter into contact with us to discuss details about this service at:

Sweetening work

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