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To seat a spirit of the woods in a proper vessel is a magical act well known in all corners of the world, most popular through folk magic across the globe that aims to seat a particular virtue within the memory of the one that held that virtue. In this way we find that we can re-create the spirit of a particular vibration using remnants and representations of that vibration or force through blood and elements from all kingdoms to take on its prime force.

We have made two boar spirits using the methods and technology of the Norse sages to bring to life two spirits born from nine types of wood, six types of earth, three types of blood and the secrets in-between, to give birth to spirits of courage and bravery.

These spiritus have accepted their names and declared their purpose to be true and so we offer them to be taken by whomever see themselves worthy of the bravery and cunning of the boar.

The boar tooth that has been made the home of the spirit, which then have been bound in true silver and real leather, and have accepted to be called by a name proposed to it. The name of the spiritus will be given to the future owner, but also it must be guarded and not divulged to anyone, according to custom, lest power is lost, because in knowing the name, in this lays its power…

The Boar Spirit - Unique Offer

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